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Perfume Naming Contest Results!

6th Oct 2014

QUADROON is our new fragrance name!  Submitted by Irene Jones! This name honors the beautiful, myterious young women of mixed race and heritage in New Orleans during the 1800's.  Our … read more

Fall is in the air!

8th Sep 2014

Fall, Football, and Fragrance! Cooler weather is coming, so you might want to add a new winter fragrance to your wardrobe. Sans Nom is an oriental spice thats great for those cool nights. &nb … read more

Bachelorette Party!!!

13th Jan 2014

Bachelorette Blending Event   The Bride will receive one ounce of her custom created perfume.  The other attendees will receive ¼ ounce of their own custom created fragrance.  … read more